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Portraiture using Pastels, Chalk or Charcoal


Please bring:

- Pastel paper (eg. Pastelmat paper or board, Murano, Fabriano, Somerset) OR fine texture Watercolour paper OR Sugar paper. Preferably your paper should be A2. Laraine will provide some sugar paper.

- Soft pastels (any variety or brand, including Conte crayons, Pan pastels, pastel pencils). Larriane will supply a small selection of Inscribe pastels and Derwent pastel pencils for members without much pastel equipment.

- White chalk

- Charcoal ( tinted charcoal if you wish)

Other useful equipment to bring: Tortillions (stubbers); Plastic eraser and putty rubber; Tissue e.g. kitchen roll;Sponge applicators (eg make-up type, and as used with Pan pastel); Wet wipes or a damp cloth or towel for keeping hands clean during drawing; a mirror (if you decide to do a self-portrait). Larraine will bring a few hand mirrors.

N.B. There will not be a model. Members can either work on a self-portrait or from a portrait photograph BUT this needs to be a very clear image and about A4 size to enable good rendition.


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