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Vicki Street - Workshop    

Colourful Cubist - inspired Still-life Painting


We are delighted that Vicki, an experienced art tutor and member of our club, has agreed to provide this imaginative workshop. The aim of the session is to create a vibrant and decorative still-life composition loosely referencing Cubist ideas. Please bring acrylic, gouache or watercolour paints, large and small brushes, and paper, preferably A3 size or larger, capable of taking wash. Additionally a piece of sponge, an old toothbrush, and a few oil pastels might be useful, plus newspaper for the tables. Some spare materials will be available. Also bring 2 or 3 still-life objects e.g. vase, bowl, jug, bottle, an apple or pear, and a patterned cloth. Nothing too precious as these will be shared rather than setting up in groups. Again spares will be available.


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